Roman Heritage has Future Prospects

„In the footsteps of the Romans“: Badenweiler hosts kick-off of European Union-supported project of thermal spas with Roman roots

Badenweiler/Brussels, September 5th 2014 | Eight European countries, eleven partners, and a shared Roman heritage, that could serve for a successful future. These are the ingredients of a project that was started by medical wellness and spa experts from all over Europe at the Badenweiler Thermen & Touristik GmbH this week. The goal is to develop and to market new travel packages in international co-operation for thermal spas, that share a common history as spas of Roman origin, in the next 17 months.

The more than 2000 years old tradition to use thermal water for recreational purposes and for relaxation as well as for the use of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases has been maintained until today in many places throughout Europe. “Badenweiler is a very good example of cultivating the Roman heritage, presenting and combining it with services of modern medical tourism,“ says Joachim Lieber, secretary general of the European Spas Association and coordinator of the project, explaining why Badenweiler was chosen as the location of the kick-off meeting. “It is the goal of our project to explore the entire potential of our common heritage, to bring our services to an even higher level and to draw interest of new guests from Europe and overseas to this combination of health and cultural tourism.”

“By collaborating with experts and colleagues from all over Europe we are able to inspire new momentum for Badenweiler in a way we cannot do on our own“, says Michael Schmitz, managing director of Badenweiler Thermen & Touristik GmbH. The project is co-financed by the European Union. It brings together thermal spadestinations with Roman roots from eight European countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Romania. Additionally the project will include experts from travel industry and quality management as well as the European Spas Association (ESPA) as initiator and coordinator.

In the upcoming 17 months high quality national and international travel packages will be developed and rolled out. Participation in trade shows in Europe, USA, China and South America will ensure the new travel packages will get attention of tour operators and potential guests. A web site and a facebook site will inform about the project and the destinations connected to it. Exchange among partners will enable to learn from each other and to develop new ideas. After completion the project will be transferred into a marketing organization open to other thermal spas with Roman heritage.