European Project on Roman Thermal Spas takes off

„Roman Thermal Spas of Europe“: Kick-off meeting of project uniting spas and health resorts with Roman heritage held in Rome and Chianciano Terme


Rome/Brussels, November 21st 2014 | The Roman Thermal Spas Project was officially kicked-off in Rome today. It unites spas and health resorts sharing the heritage of being a Roman foundation. The start took place in a joint conference of the three main and eight national partners from all over Europe at Federazione Italiana delle Industrie Termali e delle Acque Minerali Curative (Federterme) to be continued tomorrow in the health resort Chianciano Terme.

The goal of the project is to explore the entire potential of the common heritage, to bring services to an even higher level and to draw interest of new guests from Europe and overseas to the unique combination of health and cultural tourism. During the kick-off meeting in Rome and Chianciano Terme international travel packages for visitors from Europe and abroad are discussed and further developed. In addition, the common communication activities are planned. These include among others a multi-lingual website, social media communication as well as print publications.

The three main partners of “Roman Thermal Spas of Europe” are The European Spas Association (ESPA), FIT Reisen, a tour operator specialized in health and wellness tourism and EuropeSpa, an international quality and certification system for medical spa and wellness. Including Chianciano Terme in Italy there are eight national spas, health resorts and associations from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Romania. “Roman Thermal Spas of Europe” is thus the first project uniting a variety of spas and health resorts across Europe that share a common Roman heritage. The project is co-funded by the European Union. After completion it will be transferred into a marketing organization open to other thermal spas with Roman heritage.