About Hisarya

Gate in Roman fortress wall in Hisarya

Stunning Variety of Roman Relics
Hisarya – or Diocletianopolis in Roman times – was founded by the Roman emperor Diocletian because of its precious mineral springs. The town offers an impressive variety of Roman relics with the fortification wall being the most striking one. 2327 m long and up to 11 m high, it is the best-preserved one in Europe. Many other Roman ruins are spread around the town, e.g. a thermal bath and an amphitheatre.

Woman in whirlpool in Spa Hotel Hissar in Hisarya

Extraordinary Multitude of Springs
22 mineral water springs with different characteristics and temperature are nature’s gift to Hisarya. Their healing effects are used to cure a vast number of ailments. The healing water is applied to both drinking cures and baths. Enjoy the healing and relaxing effects of Hisarya’s unique mineral waters during a stay in Spa Hotel Hissar offering a huge variety of medical and wellness treatments.

Roman relics in a park in Hisarya

Pleasant Climate and Beautiful Nature
Thanks to its location in central Bulgaria Hisarya benefits from a mild and pleasant climate with an average of 280 sun days a year. Hisarya’s numerous parks and gardens full of venerable trees and thousands of plants and flowers invite to long and relaxing strolls. Its region is famous for the tasteful grapes and wines – a culinary invitation wanting to be enjoyed with all senses.

City view of Plovdiv near Hisarya

Plovdiv - Europe's Oldest City
Plovdiv – Bulgaria’s second biggest and one of the world’s oldest cities – is only a stone’s throw away from Hisarya. The Roman theatre, stadium and forum are only three of the city’s numerous relics from Roman times. Dive into the Roman history with a trip to Plovdiv and discover its beautiful surrounding nature. Plovdiv has been chosen as European Capital of Culture 2019.

How to get to Hisarya

By Airplane: International airports: Sofi a (SOF) appr. 165 km. Further airports: Plovdiv (PDV) appr. 40 km, Gorna Orjachowiza (GOZ) appr. 195 km, Burgas (BOJ) appr. 260 km, Kavala (KVA) appr. 250km

By car: highway A1/E80, exit Hisarya, Route 64 and Rote 642 until Hisarya

Transfer service from Sofia airport: € 130 (route/car). Other airports transfer service on

what to see

Hisarya: “Lily of the Valley” park or “Orpheus dol” park, archeological reserves with ancient fortress wall, tomb, thermal baths and amphitheatre, Rila monastery (235 km), Karlovo (26 km), Plovdiv (40 km), Sofia (165 km)