„Запознайте се с уникалния
СПА и Уелнес
опит основан на
повече от двехилядолетна

United in Diversity: At the intersection of spa and culture

Based at the intersection of spa and culture tourism we offer a combination of wellness and history. We give support to tour operators worldwide to create unique travel packages, but also offer a range of high-quality travel packages that guests can choose from and book online.

All cities in our destination network offer two central aspects:

  1. A rich cultural heritage based on their past in the Roman Empire.
  2. A diverse, high-quality thermal experience.

Each destination combines these two aspects in a unique way. That is why all destinations in the network are united in diversity.

Destination Marketing Network

Co-funded by the European Union, we are an independent destination marketing network.

It is the objective of the project to:

  • Analyze the historical background of the Roman spa culture
  • Combine historical and cultural aspects with health related tourism offers and develop a high potential tourism product for European and overseas tourists
  • Integrate the action in the regional and national tourism strategies
  • Strengthen intercontinental incoming tourism to Europe
  • Enhance tourism flows and labor market ripple effects
  • Bring added value for especially structurally weak regions
  • Create high visibility and awareness through dissemination activities

You are a representative of a city with Roman spa culture, a tour operator, travel agency, tourism bureau or otherwise interested in joining our network? Contact us now.