„Запознайте се с уникалния
СПА и Уелнес
опит основан на
повече от двехилядолетна

In the footsteps of the Romans

Europe’s spa culture is based on a philosophy established in the ancient time of the Roman Empire. As far as 2,000 years ago, the Romans made use of natural thermal waters for recreational and relaxation purposes. Ever since, the European spas and health resorts have provided the competence and experience for qualified prevention and rehabilitation both for chronic diseases and wellness.

The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe are the first initiative that brings together thermal spas and health resorts of Roman origin in Europe. Based at the intersection of spa and culture tourism, the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe are a destination network of different cities and towns all across Europe that have a shared Roman history in the spa and wellness sector. All destinations thus offer the accumulated experience of more than 2,000 years of health and wellness treatments.

They share:

  • The tradition of using natural remedies for treatments and prevention.
  • The hospitality of hosting guests from all over the world to visit the thermal spas and enjoy a unique combination of health treatments and tourism.