„Explore unique Spa & Culture Experiences built on a Tradition of more than two Milleniums"

Destinations for Body & Soul

Since Roman times destinations dedicated to well-being and health have offered more than “just” treatments. It is the holistic approach of a true European spa destination that makes it a special place for both body & soul. The member destinations of the Roman Thermal Spas have a history of two millennia dedicated to this approach. 

In the late 19thand early 20thcentury a stay in one of the spa- and health-resorts became very popular among Europe’s nobility and the growing middle classes. This period let to a renaissance of the holistic approach of European Spa destinations that can be experienced today by a visit to gorgeous buildings, beautiful parks, and cultural facilities built in that time.  

Today the Roman Thermal Spa destinations not only invite to a visit to the history of the rich European Spa tradition. They also offer contemporary spa- and wellness treatments in an environment and infrastructure that is dedicated to its Roman roots: recreation, relaxation and well-being for body & soul. 


While the origin of all destinations in the Roman Thermal Spas network is the shared Roman heritage the individual appearance of each destination is unique today. This mirrors different spa and cultural traditions that developed in each country and each region over time. In this sense the Roman Thermal Spas network is a miniature reflection of Europe as a whole: a shared history, a shared present and future based on a philosophy that is best covered in the maxim:
United in Diversity.