„Explore unique Spa & Culture Experiences built on a Tradition of more than two Milleniums"

In the footsteps of the Romans

Europe’s spa culture is based on a philosophy established in the ancient time of the Roman Empire. More than 2,000 years ago, the Romans made use of natural thermal waters. But a Roman thermal bath of those times was not only a place dedicated to medical conditions. It was also a place for recreation, relaxation, conversation, and the arts. 

Ever since, European spa and health destinations have further developed this holistic approach. Medical competence, sustainable wellness treatments, and a wide range of cultural attractions: these three elements joined make up a true European Spa Destination.

The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe are a network of thermal spas and health destinations of Roman origin. They have maintained their origins as health destinations over two millennials. All destinations thus offer the accumulated experience of many centuries dedicated to health, wellness, and culture.