The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe to become independent marketing organization

European project sets course for the future

Budapest, 3rd December 2015 | The Partners of the European health tourism project “Roman Thermal Spas of Europe” announced today to transfer the project into an independent marketing cooperation. As of February 1st 2016 when the EU-co-funding period will be completed the new organization will start its operations. Further, at the conference of all project partners – hosted by the Hungarian Tourism Office in Budapest – the admission of new members was proclaimed. In addition to the existing eight destinations further Thermal Spa towns of Roman origin from Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal and Spain joined the marketing cooperation today. In a second step Thermal Spa destinations from France and Germany will join the organization later next year.

The new organization will be open to all European thermal spas with Roman origin. Interested destinations should be able to prove their Roman origin, have maintained and cultivated that heritage up until today and offer medical and wellness treatments. All partners benefit from comprehensive communication activities, including a multi-lingual website, social media, print productions and participation of international trade shows in Europe, USA and South America. The objective is to create high visibility and awareness among defined target groups and to ensure that the new travel packages will get attention of tour operators and potential guests.

The European project “Roman Thermal Spas of Europe” is the first initiative to unite thermal spas and health resorts of Roman origin. Based at the intersection of health and culture tourism the project offers a unique combination of wellness and history. The project partners have developed a whole range of high quality travel packages that guests can choose from and directly book online. Currently, eight thermal spa destinations across Europe participate in the project: Aidipsos (Greece), Badenweiler (Germany), Baile Herculane (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Chaves (Portugal), Chianciano Terme (Italy), Dax (France) and Hisarya (Bulgaria).



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