Roman mosaic in Aquincum, Budapest

Well-preserved Roman Heritage
In 89 AD the Romans founded the military camp of Aquincum, where the later emperor Hadrian served as proconsul. Dive back into Roman times in “Aquincum Museum and Ruin Gardens” where you can find many well-preserved Roman ruins like an Amphitheatre. It shows monumental statues, impressive mosaics and the best-preserved organ from antiquity. Not far from the ruins of “Thermae Maiores” thermal baths.

Interior of Gellert bath in Budapest

Living Spa History
Hungary’s capital is famous for its spa culture and offers many architecturally extraordinary thermal baths from different eras. Gellért Bath is a beautiful art nouveau bath from the early 20th century. One of the city’s biggests thermal baths is the palace-like Széchenyi bath. Do not be surprised if you see people playing chess in the thermal pools – this is one of the inhabitants’ favourite hobbies.

Sports exercises om Margitsziget island in Budapest

Biggest Thermal Spa in Europe
Budapest is not only the biggest thermal spa in Europe but also the only one, which is a country’s capital. Its 120 thermal springs build Budapest’s reputation as “City of Spas”. Enjoy a soothing medical wellness treatment in the luxurious Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget beautifully located on Margaret Island in river Danube. Aquaworld Resort offers many exciting waterslides but also relaxing wellness treatments.

Castle District in Budapest

Buzzing Metropolis
The neo-Gothic parliament building, Buda Castle and Saint Stephen’s Basilica are only three of Budapest’s world-class sights. Go for stroll along the Danube riverside, cross one of the nine bridges and enjoy the unique panorama of this buzzing metropolis.