Baile Herculane - Aqua Herculis

Statue of Hercules in Baile Herculane

Ad Aquas Herculis Sacras – Holy Waters of Hercules
“Aqua Herculis” – the Roman name of Baile Herculane – is named after the god Hercules who is said to have bathed in its thermal waters. The inscription “Ad Aquas Herculis Sacras” from 153 AD testifies its long history. In Roman times already, aristocracy loved Baile Herculane for its healing waters. Discover the inscription and many other historic exhibits in Nicolae Cena Museum.

Public Pool in Baile Herculane

Rich in Thermal Springs
Baile Herculane is blessed with 16 thermal springs with different mineral characteristics. Long before scientific approval, their healing effects were known and coined as “the spring for injuries”, “the spring for cold”, etc. Their soothing effects are still used for many ailments. Enjoy a bath in the thermal water pools and allow yourself a relaxing wellness treatment in Hotel Afrodita or Diana.

Imperial railway station in Baile Herculane

Imperial Baile Herculane - Loved by Empress Sissi
Around the statue of Hercules Baile Herculane’s imperial historical center offers a range of beautiful buildings like the imperial pavilions. Also see the railway station from 1878, which is one of Romania’s most beautiful stations. In imperial times, the Austrian empress Elizabeth – known as Sissi – came to Baile Herculane five times. For her the town was “the most beautiful spa resort on the continent”.

Domogled Cerna Valley National Park near Baile Herculane

Amazing Landscape and Nature
Baile Herculane is the entrance to the beautiful “Cerna Valley Domogled National Park” offering a unique flora and fauna. It is famous for its beautiful trails in the mountains. Discover Cerna Valley with its steep gorges and waterfalls or explore another amazing natural landmark not far away from Baile Herculane: the “Iron
Gates” are an impressive gorge on the river Danube at the Romanian-Serbian border.