Roman relics in Aidipsos

Loved by the Romans
In Roman times, Aidipsos flourished, as it was already well known and appreciated for its healing springs. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle mentioned Aidipsos in his works. The Roman general Sylla came here to cure his gout. Experience the exceptional character of Aidipsos by visiting the “Cave of Sylla” where the general took his baths in the springs with a view over the Mediterranean.

Thermal Springs at the seaside in Aidipsos

Thermal springs meeting the Mediterranean
Nature has given Aidipsos 75 thermal water springs, some of them directly located at the seaside with their water flowing into the sea. This offers the unique experience of bathing in thermal water just before diving into the sea. The luxurious Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel is famous for its spa water. Enjoy a swim in one of the thermal water pools or the huge variety of relaxing wellness or soothing medical treatments.

Roman Column in Aidipsos

Rich History
You can experience rich history in Aidipsos and surroundings. The town’s monuments include a 13th century Venetian Tower and the Tower of Aidipsos from Frankish times. The neoclassical building of Thermae Sylla Hotel is a historic site itself having hosted celebrities like Maria Callas or Winston Churchill. Just a short drive from Aidipsos you find the Church of Agios Ioannis the Russian, an important church for orthodox Christians.

Promenade at the seaside in Aidipsos

The hidden beauties of Euboea
Aidipsos is located on the island of Euboea, the second largest one in Greece. Euboea has been spared from mass tourism and is thus the ideal place to relax. Dense pine forests, deep gorges, mountains, sand and pebble beaches with azure blue and emerald waters: Euboea impresses its visitors with an enormously varied landscape as the basis for sustainable and relaxing spa holidays.