Roman Relics in Aidipsos, Greece Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel in Aidipsos, Greece Hot thermal springs at the seaside in Aidipsos, Greece Cassiopeia Therme in Badenweiler, Germany Couple looking at Romantic Black Forest in Badenweiler, Germany Roman Bath Ruin in Badenweiler, Germany by night Imperial Center of baile Herculane, Romania with statue of Hercules Imperial Pavillion in Baile Herculane, Romania Public thermal pool in Baile Herculane, Romania Roman aquaeduct in Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary by night Family on Roman bridge in Chaves, Portugal Hotel Forte Sao Francisco in Chaves, Portugal by night Chaves Thermal Spa in Chaves, Portugal Drinking Cure in Acqua Santa Park in Chianciano Terme, Italy Roman Bust in Museum in Chianciano Terme, Italy The Tuscan town of Chianciano Terme, Italy Fortification Wall in Dax, France Mud Pack in Dax, France Roman relics in Hisarya, Bulgaria Couple in Pool of Spa Hotel Hissar in Hisarya, Bulgaria

„Explore a unique
Spa & Wellness Experience built
on a Tradition
of more than
two Milleniums"

Ferry Ahrlé

Ferry Ahrlé with his figure Termus Romanus

The painter, illustrator and author Ferry Ahrlé has developed the congenial character Termus Romanus for the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe – and sends his protagonist to a journey through Europe’s countries and ages.

He’s not only familiar but almost family with many Roman emperors, but he also meets Empress „Sissi“, and he knows all the tricks about thermal waters, wellness and medical spas: Ferry Arhlé’s character Termus Romanus represents world’s first medical spa and wellness tourist. Ahrlé sends his young Roman hero to eight Thermal Baths in Europe. There he learns everything about the local amenities and meets historical VIPs who visited the place. Ferry Ahrlé combines painting and little stories to introduce the destination in a entertaining way – and always with a twinkle in his eye.

Background of this unique project is a call of the European Spas Association (ESPA). Last year ESPA started the EU-co-funded Roman Thermal Spas of Europe project in which European thermal spas of Roman origin market their Roman heritage and their natural remedies to spa and wellness tourists worldwide. To set this unique combination of wellness and culture in scene ESPA looked out for an artist  - and found Ferry Ahrlé having the right brush stroke and the perfect fit ideas. “Termus Romanus became our friend immediately“, reports Joachim Lieber, secretary general of ESPA and coordinator of the project. “Ferry Ahrlé succeeds in uniting each destination's special feature with our overall subject with his very special and entertaining signature“.

At ITB 2015 Ahrlé introduced the complete series and signed an exclusive print edition of the pictures. The original pictures will be on a travelling exhibition in the eight destinations of the Roman Thermal Spa project:  Aidipsos (Greece), Badenweiler (Germany), Baile Herculane (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Chaves (Portugal), Chianciano Terme (Italy), Dax (France), and Hisarya (Bulgaria). But it is the goal to invite more partners to join the project. For sure Termus Romanus will visit these destinations and Ferry Ahrlé will set all these visits in scene with his unique signature.

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