Roman Relics in Aidipsos, Greece Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel in Aidipsos, Greece Hot thermal springs at the seaside in Aidipsos, Greece Cassiopeia Therme in Badenweiler, Germany Couple looking at Romantic Black Forest in Badenweiler, Germany Roman Bath Ruin in Badenweiler, Germany by night Imperial Center of baile Herculane, Romania with statue of Hercules Imperial Pavillion in Baile Herculane, Romania Public thermal pool in Baile Herculane, Romania Roman aquaeduct in Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary by night Family on Roman bridge in Chaves, Portugal Hotel Forte Sao Francisco in Chaves, Portugal by night Chaves Thermal Spa in Chaves, Portugal Drinking Cure in Acqua Santa Park in Chianciano Terme, Italy Roman Bust in Museum in Chianciano Terme, Italy The Tuscan town of Chianciano Terme, Italy Fortification Wall in Dax, France Mud Pack in Dax, France Roman relics in Hisarya, Bulgaria Couple in Pool of Spa Hotel Hissar in Hisarya, Bulgaria

„Explore a unique
Spa & Wellness Experience built
on a Tradition
of more than
two Milleniums"

In the footsteps of the Romans

Europe’s spa culture is based on a philosophy established in the ancient time of the Roman Empire. It made use of natural thermal waters for recreational and relaxation purposes. Ever since, the European spas and health resorts have provided the competence and experience for qualified prevention and rehabilitation both for chronic diseases and wellness.

The "Roman Thermal Spas of Europe" is the first initiative that brings together thermal spas and health resorts of Roman origin in entire Europe. Based at the intersection of spa and culture tourism we offer a unique combination of wellness and history. We give support to tour operators worldwide to create unique travel packages, but also offer a range of high-quality travel packages that guests can choose from and book online.

Currently, the following thermal spa destinations participate in the project: Aidipsos (Greece), Badenweiler (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Chaves (Portugal), Dax (France), Kyustendil (Bulgaria), São Pedro de Sol (Portugal), and Varna (Bulgaria). Co-funded by the European Union we are an independent destination marketing network.

The objective is to create high visibility and awareness among defined target groups and to ensure that the new travel packages will get attention of tour operators and potential guests.